Complex Business and Personal Injury Litigation

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Business litigation, and complex business and personal injury litigation are cornerstones of Saber Law Group’s practice. Seasoned litigators have extensive civil litigation and trial experience, applying sophisticated law and motion strategies. At the core of Saber’s litigation lay the merits of a case, not just the cost of defending or prosecuting claims. This is learned from experience in front of an array of courts, juries and binding arbitrations.

Complex Business Litigation

Saber cases run the full gamut of business disputes, ranging from claims of breach of contract, corporate fraud, business torts, unfair competition, and consumer claims, to suits involving intellectual property, professional negligence and errors and omissions claims, and alleged breaches of fiduciary duties owed by directors and officers of corporations, including non-profits.

Complex Personal Injury Litigation

Complex personal injury, and wrongful death cases are some of the most challenging for all involved. Saber’s attorneys have successfully defensed personal injury cases with multi-million-dollar exposure. Common examples of damages in these cases include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.