Class and Collective Actions

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Employment – Class/PAGA

Saber Law Group offers a customized approach to defending class and PAGA actions in which we work with our clients to initially assess potential exposure areas through a review of wage and hour policies, procedures and practices. Our attorneys then develop client-specific strategies to limit liability and mitigate future exposure while keeping litigation costs to a minimum whenever possible. Unlike many other firms, we have the capacity to analyze, as well as conduct large-scale document collection, review and production in house whenever possible which is a cost savings to our clients. In addition, this approach ensures that our attorneys are intimately aware of all of the details of the case and best positioned to successfully advocate for our clients.

Representative Matters

  • Obtained favorable settlement prior to class certification on a class and Private Attorney General Act action relating to a novel pay averaging theory of unpaid wages claims, along with other pay stub and meal and rest period claims involving service technicians for nationwide specialty services cleaning company.
  • Obtained dismissal of class claims and a nominal individual settlement on a class and Private Attorney General Action alleging missed meal and rest breaks, as well as resulting wage statement penalties following Plaintiff’s deposition at which we demonstrated Plaintiff was being untruthful for national janitorial services company.
  • Obtained heavily discounted settlement of Private Attorney General Action alleging that the name of the employer on paystubs was incorrect for Fortune 400 client-- following protracted discovery practice in which our firm recovered $10,000 in sanctions against Plaintiff’s counsel.
  • Represented janitorial services company in Labor Commissioner investigation launched following a PAGA letter—one of only a handful such investigations to date—resulting in a favorable settlement of citations and simultaneously secured dismissal of class claims in overlapping action.
  • Successfully enforced arbitration agreement with a class action waiver in a putative class action resulting in dismissal of class claims for a nationwide automotive client.
  • Enforced arbitration agreement and thereafter secured settlement of class claims in arbitration for trucking client in action involving misclassification claims.
  • Successfully enforced arbitration agreement with a class action waiver in a putative class action and stayed PAGA action for automotive client.

Housing and Other Class/Collective Actions