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Shirley Wang

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Shirley Wang is the founder of Saber Law Group, a woman and certified minority-owned law firm. In her third decade of practicing law, she leads the firm’s employment law practice, representing employers and senior management, and providing high-lev… Read More
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Christina Forst

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Christina Forst is an Associate Attorney at Saber Law Group. Her practice focuses on employment and housing matters at both the state and federal levels. Ms. Forst handles all aspects of litigation, including pre-litigation investigations and handlin… Read More
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Ren Kuan

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Ren Kuan is an Associate Attorney at Saber Law Group. Ms. Kuan assists the Firm’s attorneys with the litigation of employment, complex personal injury, and commercial disputes in state and federal courts. Ms. Kuan earned her J.D. from the Universit… Read More
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Matthew P. C. Noel

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Matthew Noel is a Senior Counsel at Saber Law Group. Mr. Noel is a seasoned litigator and his practice at the firm includes complex personal injury, commercial disputes, and employment litigation. His litigation successes include: obtaining defense v… Read More
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Hannibal P. Odisho

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Hannibal Odisho is a Senior Counsel at Saber Law Group. Mr. Odisho focuses his practice primarily on employment litigation and counseling matters. Mr. Odisho’s employment litigation experience encompasses a wide range of employment issues, includin… Read More
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Zachary Price

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Zachary Price is an Associate Attorney at Saber Law Group and focuses his current practice on employment litigation. He represents employers in a wide range of employment-related matters, including wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, h… Read More
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Jean Sedlak

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Jean Sedlak is a Senior Counsel at Saber Law Group. Ms. Sedlak focuses her practice primarily on employment and complex commercial litigation matters. Ms. Sedlak has represented clients in a variety of employment litigation matters, including wage an… Read More
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Michelle Younkin

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Michelle Younkin is the Managing Attorney of Saber Law Group. As Managing Attorney, Ms. Younkin oversees all aspects of the Firm’s operations and, along with founder Shirley Wang, is responsible for strategic planning, facilitating client relations… Read More
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Riley Balestreri

Fax: (415) 278-1401
Riley Balestreri is a Law Clerk with Saber Law Group. As a Law Clerk, Mrs. Balestreri works closely with the Saber Law Group attorneys on all aspects of the Firm’s civil litigation matters. Mrs. Balestreri conducts extensive factual and legal resea… Read More
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